Local Drinks Producers

A few months ago, Hill Farm Juice wrote a letter to say that they are no longer able to stay in business.  The price of apples has not risen in the 23 years that they have been in business, while the price of electricity, glass, packaging, distribution and labour has … Read More

Sparkling Tea & Wild Botanical Drinks

We have some delicious new non-alcoholic drinks in this week, including Sparkling Tea and some outstanding wild botanical drinks that we have enjoyed tasting and can highly recommend. Real’s Sparkling Tea, Royal Flush, is made using first flush Darjeeling, the Queen of Tea, fermented to produce a non-alcoholic Sparkling which … Read More

Crumbs Brewing Exceptional Beer

We have some new brews, with some great gift packs from Crumbs Brewing company. 44% of bread made in the UK never gets eaten. That’s such a shocking waste it inspired husband and wife team Morgan & Elaine to turn their back on corporate life and do something about it! … Read More

New Beers on the Block

We have three brand new beers in this week, from our regular brewers, Long Man and Powder Monkey.  Long Man Brewery have turned their hand to more modern beers, with the introduction of two new beers to add to the range, while Powder Monkey Brewery have a new BBQ Sizzler: … Read More

Ashling Park Wins Again

Ashling Park has won another prestigious award at the Wine GB Awards again this year, this time taking home the Trophy for Best Sparkling Rose, having scooped the President’s trophy for the ‘Best Classic Cuvée NV’ for the previous two years as well (which also won gold this year).  It’s … Read More

Garden Herb G&T

It’s hot, so important to keep yourself well-refreshed and cool.  We have a fine selection of local gins, beers, ciders and wines to choose from, and if you are keen on a refreshing G&T, then why not enjoy a herbal twist this hot weekend? If you have any fresh herbs … Read More

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Menu Inspiration

We have put together a seasonal menu fit for this mighty Royal occasion: The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. There are a range of options to inspire you as you celebrate with friends and family over the extended weekend.  With sunshine and half term, it’s the perfect time to celebrate the best … Read More

Bumblezest Health Shots and Cans

These drinks and shots are designed to keep you healthy and happy, using the finest ingredients, crafted together for a specific purpose. The different drinks are perfect if you need to unwind, before a meeting, if you need to focus, before a workout, after a workout, after a heavy night … Read More

Figs in Gin

Fruit and booze are inextricably linked, with the surplus of one leading to the production of the other, as sugar-laden fruit drops from the tree and rots into alcohol. No doubt this is how early man first learnt to party!  Now we have civilized ourselves by one step, taking the … Read More

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