Neu Blk BeerWe have added another great beer from the thoroughbred brewery And Union in the form of their black lager – Neu Blk.  As with And Union’s other beers, this is a traditional Bavarian craft beer that combines barley, yeast, hops and water and is unfiltered. It’s a lager on account of being made with a cold fermentation process lasting 8 weeks, and the dark coffee colour comes from the roasted malt.

It is similar to stout which also gets its colour from roasted malt, but is lighter bodied, refreshing and sweeter with flavours of caramel, berries and chocolate coming through. This is an ideal beer for game – I would pair it with a venison stew or a venison burger with parsnip chips, but it will also go well with a hearty sausage during the Halloween festivities. The taste is clean and refreshing, and well worth trying out.