Award-Winning Haggis

If you are in need of haggis for Burns Night, then we will be sourcing some award-winning traditional Mcsween Haggis this year. With a 3 star Great Taste Award, this traditional Scottish dish is available in three sizes: 454g for 2-3 people, 907g for 4-5 people and 2.7kg for 12 people.

Although regarded as Scottish, Haggis (or its equivalent) was a global dish with regional variations. Back in the time of hunter gatherers, they would return with their kill and eat the most perishable parts of the animal first. Fresh offal would be chopped and mixed with cereal and herbs and cooked over the fire in a bag (the stomach).

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So get ready for Burns Night on the 25th January with some decent single malt and make sure to pre-order your haggis, the  “Great chieftain o the puddin’-race!”