We have a new loyalty scheme that has just started. The next time you come into the shop, you can pick up a loyalty card at the till. This card enables you to rack up points every time you purchase anything at the shop.  With those points, you can get free coffee, a pizza, a course voucher or even your Christmas turkey.  You can either store your points on a card, or get the app for your phone.

This loyalty scheme gives us the chance to see what you are buying, it gives you the chance to let us know if we are doing a good job or not (through surveys) and will help us to serve you better.  You can also save up points for some great rewards.

Most importantly, your information is safe. The company we are using is called MyGravity and they specialize in protecting your data, so that your details are never passed on to anyone else.  This is about to become law (which is great for all of us) ensuring that the individual owns their data, and any company misusing that data can be fined a huge amount, so it’s important that we look after that particularly carefully.

We hope that this system rewards your loyalty at the farm shop and helps improve our service and product range.  Please do let us know what you think of it.