The new farm shop building is rapidly taking shape, and Sam and I are mapping out the look, products and equipment, from charcoal grills to duck crackling. We are in the process of raising £156,000 to fit out the new farm shop with equipment and stock and will move in this summer. We are planning to raise finances in the following ways:

  • A LEADER Grant (£65,000)
  • A crowdfunding campaign via the Kickstarter website ( (£40,000)
  • A loan (£51,000)

We want to create a food hub of local produce, in the spectacular new timber-framed shop, with fresh, seasonal food and drink filling the shelves. A new full time butcher will serve you 6 days a week with meat and game, the deli will be packed with cheese, charcuterie and freshly baked pies, quiches, salads and smoked, cured and pickled delights. Enjoy coffee, cakes or lunch served off the charcoal grill – or join the seasonal supper club. In the old shop there will be cooking classes, butchery demonstrations, or go for a foraging walk and cook up your spoils.

New Farm Shop Timber frame

We are asking you, our loyal customers and supporters, to help raise money through Kickstarter with the campaign launching at the end of February. In return for your investment we are offering a series of rewards (from a cup of coffee and a brownie, to a bespoke catered party for all your friends and family). You can invest as little as £10 up to £5,000.

We are using Kickstarter as we can reach out to potential new customers, and it is a great way for us to generate interest and publicity in the new farm shop.

As a kickstarter investor, you get a lovely reward and help launch a new farm shop that will generate 6 new jobs in the first year, support over 40 local food and drink producers (by local, we mean within 30 miles of the shop) and become part of a food hub where you can learn about, eat and buy food produced on your doorstep.

However, we need to start with a bang and generate momentum. So, we are gauging our level of support with an anonymous survey, the results of which will help Sam and I to determine the level of crowdfunding we should go for.

Alternatively, if you would like to invest, but don’t want to do so via Kickstarter, then Sam and I are happy to discuss other options. Please contact us directly if that’s the case.

If you are not able to invest at this time, but are keen to support the farm shop, then spreading the word would be fantastic.  We have some seriously exciting plans and we would love you to be involved.

Please fill out the survey by CLICKING HERE – it will take less than two minutes, is completely confidential and will be enormously helpful.

Many thanks for your time and support and we look forward to keeping you up to date on all progress.

Fred and Sam