Spring Lamb

This week we have our first of the season’s spring lamb.  Spring lamb is seen as the traditional meat for Easter and is known for being sweet, succulent, tender and delicious. While there are now many chefs who prefer the stronger flavours of Autumn lamb, I still think that new season’s spring lamb is a special British seasonal treat that can’t be beaten for it’s tenderness and delicate flavour.

Most lambs are being born at this time of year and won’t be ready until June or July – but we get our spring lambs from the Dorset Poll sheep that characteristically lamb in the Autumn.  They are milk fed for the first 3-4 weeks and are grass fed from then on, reliant on the mild winter that we get in the South.

We will have the lamb for this weekend, but won’t necessarily have a steady supply for another couple of weeks, but there should be plenty for Easter.  You can order some in advance or come and see what’s available.