Skrei Cod

Skrei Cod is the finest cod you can buy.  It is line-caught sustainably in the Barents Sea off the Coast of Norway, with individual fish selected from the mature migratory shoals that return to their spawning grounds between January and April each year.  It is only the finest, perfect fish (usually between 5 and 10% of the catch) that are given the Skrei label.  These fish are unblemished, are bled out at sea, and rinsed with sea water before being packed on ice.

The result is the finest tasting cod – the well travelled youthful (aged between four and seven years) cod are sought after by top chefs for its firm, white, flaky flesh, and superb taste.  You can find it on the menu of many of the UK’s top restaurants, including La Gavroche, but make sure you take some home this Friday.

Best to pre-order if you can – the skrie cod is the same price as our usual cod fillet.

Fish prices this week:

  • Skrei Cod fillet – £18.50/kg
  • Squid – £18/kg
  • Gurnard – £10/kg
  • Plaice – £3.40 each
  • Farmed Bass – £4.50/fillet or £6/each 4-600g
  • Farmed Bream – £3.50/fillet or £5 each
  • Mussels – £6.50/kg
  • Oysters – 95p each
  • Poole Bay Clams – £16/kg