And Union CansWe are now stocking And Union unfiltered lager and SUNDAY pale ale in beer cans and it is a great time to stock up with the bank holiday weekend coming up. Cans have a bit of a bad reputation when it comes to beer thanks to some bad beers and cans. Now, however, canning is very much at the vanguard of craft beer with more and more breweries choosing cans over bottles. I think there’s a place for both but there are a few advantages with cans which hopefully might persuade you to give it a go.

Beer cans are easy to carry around. For quite a while beer fans have enjoyed “train beers”, which generally means that they are in cans as they are easy to carry and easy to dispose of (and no breakages). More and more pubs near train stations are selling “train beers” for customers to take away for their journey home. Personally I like to put a can of beer in my bag when going for a seaside walk, picnic or relaxing bike ride. Carrying two cans is much lighter than two bottles and once again they are easy to dispose of. I also like to sneak a can or two into the cinema.

Cans are easier to store in fridges as they don’t take up as much space. So buy a few and put them in the fridge ready for an impromptu visit to the cinema, seaside or last minute picnic… or maybe just when you want a beer.

Cans are great at keeping beer fresh as no air or light can get in and it reduces spoilage. Modern craft beer cans are designed using the latest technology that ensures beer won’t taste metallic, unlike some of the mass produced beers. Finally, cans are more environmentally friendly as they are lighter to transport, more ergonomic and for those who don’t have a glass recycling scheme at home they are easier to recycle.

And union spent a lot of time getting their can designs right to bring you the freshest product possible in a stunning can. So don’t delay, pick up a few, stock your fridge up and let us know if we have converted you to the canned side!