This week we have some locally grown organic Jerusalem artichokes which are seriously tasty. They have the ability to be smooth, sticky and crunchy in the same bite, with a nutty flavour that works brlliantly when roasted with meat at the bottom of the pan.

They are extremely versatile – similar to a potato but with loads more flavour. They stand up to other strong flavours, and you can roast them in butter with rosemary, lemon, bay, smoked bacon or even all together.  Definitely worth trying with the last of this season’s venison and other game, as well as beef and lamb.

If you are going to mash them, then peel, and it’s best to steam them so they don’t get too watery. When they are soft, add butter and season.

They are also healthy for you, especially diabetics due to their low glycemic index and low starch levels. However, there is a notorious side effect that you should be aware of, some people suffer with gas from the fartichoke, but it’s a price worth paying for this fantastic vegetable.