We have some settled weather, good tides and interesting fishing conditions – so Pete is hoping for some bass and black bream and skate, and is trying to line catch some large pollock. It’s also the start of the South Coast cuttlefish season as the cuttlefish migrate down the channel during the Spring. This is a fish that we should be eating more of as it’s sustainable, arrives in huge quantities and is delicious. There are a couple of recipes here if you are interested?

We will also have Whole Crab at the mighty price of £6/kg for large crabs and £4/kg for the and some large razor clams – so it’s a great week for a seafood platter.

Please do email if you would like us to put anything to one side for you.

  • Wild Bass – £24/kg
  • Brill (portion size) £4.95 each
  • Mackerel – £2.95 each
  • Wild Black Bream – £14/kg
  • Cod fillet – £16/kg
  • Pollock Fillet – £14/kg
  • Smoked Haddock – £17.95/kg
  • Plaice – £3.40 each
  • Dover – £24/kg
  • Gurnard £9.95/kg
  • Whole Crab 1kg+ £6/kg
  • Whole Crab up to 1kg £4/kg
  • Mussels – £6.50/kg
  • Oysters – 95p each
  • Poole Bay Clams – £16/kg
  • Razor Clams – £19/kg – pre-order only
  • Cockles – £15/kg