SkIPA – Emsworth Brewhouse’ latest offering.

Caramel and a touch of peach in the nose

Thirst quenching. Well balanced. Biscuits, caramelised pineapple and mango. Sweetness that brings out the fruit. Good bitterness and dry

We have had Emsworth Brewhouse beers on our shelves for just over a year and their latest addition to their range is a juicy banger and is just what is needed in summer.

The brilliantly named SkIPA is Grant’s take on an American IPA (India pale ale), one of the most popular styles among craft brewers at the moment. An American IPA has a high hop content often balanced with a malty body and that is what you get with SkIPA.

On the nose the malt richness comes through with a caramel aroma and a touch of peach from the hops. In the mouth you instantly note it’s thirst quenching ability as straight after your first sip, you’ll want another! A lovely well balanced IPA you get biscuits from the malt and  caramelised pineapples from the malt and the hops. You get more tropical fruit with a bowlful of mango where the malts help bring out the fruit flavours the hops provide. Despite  all that fruitiness the beer isn’t too sweet with a good dryness and bitterness that will work so well with food. Northern Indian curries, a multitude of BBQ food (I think a spicy pork burger or sausage might be spot on) and a nice mature cheddar are begging to be paired with this beer.

SkIPA is a very session-able beer so don’t buy only one as you’ll want another straight after.  Give this about 30 minutes in the fridge and it will be perfect. Top work Grant! Cheers!