This week we are looking at two camembert style cheeses: Tunworth cheese is our mighty, award-winning Hampshire cheese that can be found on every decent restaurant’s cheese boards these days, and Somerset Camembert which is not as well known, but is considerably cheaper.  I would buy Tunworth for a special occasion or to finish off a decent dinner, but for a more everyday camembert it’s definitely worth trying the Somerset Camembert.

Lubborn Cheese make the Somerset Camembert which is traditionally made for a full flavoured, creamy cheese. Sold in 220g individually-wrapped rounds, Somerset Camembert is a full fat soft cheese made from fresh whole pasteurised milk. Using only non-animal rennet, this cheese is suitable for vegetarians. Somerset Camembert has a tangier taste than Somerset Brie, a creamy texture and a soft edible white coat. It ripens from the outside in and the yellow curd becomes creamier in texture and tangier in flavour as the cheese develops with age. Somerset Camembert is delicious with a green salad or deep-fried in breadcrumbs. Alternatively it goes down splendidly with Rioja. It’s a bargain at £3.99

The Tunworth is a king of cheese, having won Supreme Champion at the British Cheese Awards twice in the last ten years (ie: voted best cheese in the country). It achieves rave reviews andhas a price tag to match its reputation (£7.85). But it’s worth every penny and we have several customers who take it to France to give to French friends. There’s also a list of excellent recipes on their website if you are feeling inspired?