If you love salmon, but are worried about fish farming, then this is the next best thing: Wild Sea Trout.  It is sustainably caught and tagged in small numbers and has a very short season when it is available.  We have some this week.

Sea Trout is very similar to wild salmon, being slightly more delicate, but equally as tasty and considerably cheaper.  This is a superb opportunity to enjoy this fantastic wild fish with prices for whole fish at £18/kg (fillet at £24/kg)

The wild sea trout are caught and tagged in Scotland and Wales – the tagging ensures that you are getting the fish from sustainable supplies, and you can check when and where it was caught.  While we do have Sea Trout on the South Coast, their numbers are not large enough to allow commercial fishing.

Sea trout are the same species as brown trout, but they have migrated to the sea where they undergo physiological changes to survive in the seawater, including changing to a beautiful silvery colour.  The reason that some brown trout move to the sea and not others is often due to a lack of food in their native rivers.  They get considerably larger at sea due to greater food supplies, but return to the river of their births to spawn.