A quick update on what’s in season and available in the shop this week:

From the butchery counter we will have wild boar from the Forest of Dean, Wild Venison from the Stansted Estate, aged Beef from Venture Farm in Westbourne (just two miles from the shop) and South Down lamb. We have Creedy Carver chicken, duck and rare breed pork.

Pete has caught two tuna in the last week or so, and his friend filmed a 6 foot long swordfish following a sea bass lure off Bracklesham Bay – so the waters are changing rapidly as are the fish species. However, we should have bass, plaice, dover, prawns, dressed crab and many other fish thanks to Chantelle from Fresh From the Boat.

We have some incredible Honeydew Melons that were grown in Rogate – they smell so sweet, just ready to eat. We will have Nutbourne Heritage tomatoes on Friday, local organic beetroot and Patty Pan squash as well as yellow courgettes.

Plums are at their peak, and it’s worth foraging for bullace and sloes at the moment.  Normally you wouldn’t pick the sloes until after the first frost, but they are in great condition and you can bung them in the freezer to make up for it.  Blackberries are everywhere and we have a lovely selection of local apples to go with them.  The hedgerows definitely think it is Autumn already, but without significant rain, we haven’t seen any more mushrooms.