Wild Beer Review
Wild BeerWith the new farm shop now open and a new logo, it seems appropriate that our first new beer supplier is Wild Beer, whose logo is also a stag. I have been a fan of Wild Beer even before I had even had one of their beers. Their ethos of using an extra “ingredient” in their beers, whether it is foraged mushrooms, an unusual barrel to age the beer in or wild yeast, really sparked my interest. Their beers don’t disappoint and they have collected quite a cult following since they set up in 2012 in Somerset. They also recently used crowd funding to build a second brewery and managed to exceed their £1 million target with a whopping £1.79 million. The similarities between Wild Beer and the farm shop don’t stop there. They are passionate about food to go with their beer and set up a restaurant/bar in Cheltenham to showcase their beers. They are also into foraging and have even used mushrooms in one of their beers!

The beers we have selected offer a great range of styles to suit many tastes.

Rooting Around is made from foraged leaves and buds. It’s a great light and refreshing beer without any hops!

Pogo is a juicy guava laden beer that begs to be drunk in the last of the summer sun. Soft tropical fruit in abundance. Easy drinking at its finest.

Madness IPA is an American West Coast style IPA with lots of hops bringing out plenty of grapefruit and papaya. Perfect with a burger off the BBQ or a wedge of quality cheddar.

Modus Operandi is an oak barrel aged version of an old dark English ale brewed with wild yeast to bring complex flavours of berries, cherries and tannins.  Superb with grilled or roasted dark meat and perfect with game.

And finally…

Millionaire is a decedent stout that uses Cornish sea salt and cocoa nibs with lactose to bring a rich stout and one of the most popular stouts in the country. Great with deserts but the salt gives a savoury kick that Wild Beer pair with spicy glazed ribs at their restaurant.

We hope you go wild about these beers and we will be looking at getting beers from some of the best breweries in the country into the shop to go along with the shop favourites and bring a wider choice of beer to go with the amazing range of produce we have. Personally I can’t wait to have a few Wild Beers with the amazing Beal’s charcuterie, Bread Addiction sourdough and a few cheeses from the counter. Oh and pizza… pogo with the ham and pineapple and madness IPA for the BBQ pork. Bring on the weekend!