All of our chicken and duck comes from Creedy Carver at the 82 acre Merrifield Farm, seven miles outside Exeter.  They specialize in proper free range chicken and duck and the taste and quality is superb.  Not only do you get a great tasting chicken that comes with giblets, but you can also buy your chicken safe in the knowledge that it has been bred to the highest welfare standards.

When you purchase direct from a single farm such as Creedy Carver, that specializes in small quantities of free range poultry, you can rest assured that the chicken has had a good life. Not only is it difficult to trace supermarket chickens back to a farm, you still have no idea what the welfare of those chickens will be.  At Creedy Carver, the chickens are raised in specially heated chicken arks offering protection and warmth to small flocks, along with open access to grassy fields. They are fed on a low density, GM free, additive and antibiotic free diet to allow for slower growth, greater maturity and better flavour.

There is a processing plant on site, which slaughters and packages the birds so that there is no travel and minimum stress.

The poulty is highly regarded by chefs including Jamie Oliver and Angela Hartnett while Creedy Carver ducks can be found on the menu at Tom Kerridge’s The Hand & Flowers, the Ivy, Gordon Ramsay’s Hospital Road and Maze restaurant.

You can buy Creedy Carver chicken at the farm shop or order online.