Free Range Chicken 1.5kg


Free Range Chicken, succulent and full of flavour, with giblets.

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These Free Range chickens make for a succulent and flavoursome roast. They come with giblets, so you can make a mighty gravy or even start the meal with livers on toast (cooked up in a little brandy!). Alternatively, they make a fabulous Pâté. 

Producer Information

Our Creedy Carver Free Range Chickens come from an 82 acre farm in Devon and are championed by Michelin-starred chef Angela Hartnett. The chicken is full flavoured, succulent and tender – as it should be.

The reason for the Creedy Carver’s exalted status? The small farm concentrates on ensuring that all the birds have fantastic welfare. This includes specially heated chicken arks offering protection and warmth to small flocks, along with open access to grassy fields. They are fed on a low density, GM free, additive and antibiotic free diet because this allows for slower growth, greater maturity and better flavour.

There is a processing plant on site, which slaughters and packages the birds so that there is no travel and minimum stress.

The average chicken weighs 1.5kg.