Fresh Fish This Saturday

For this week only we will continue to keep fish to Saturday, if you’d like to know what Chantelle has available she should know by Friday Evening, so you can give her a quick call on 07551 008896 or email

A huge thank you to everyone who completed our Fish survey last week – we have reviewed your answers and comments and the basic results are as follows:

  • The majority of you would like fish on Friday, although there are quite a number who would also like fish on Saturday (with a few wanting fish during the week)
  • There are a surprising number of you who buy from the supermarkets, favouring the range, and convenience.  We will obciously need to work on our offering and make it as easy as possible for you to buy fish from us.


We’ve listened to your views!

From next week fish will return to back to Fish Fridays.

Fish Friday will be on every Friday 10am – Midday.

We will also stock a selection of fresh filleted fish in the fridge over the weekend if you prefer to pop in on a Saturday or Sunday.

If Pete is unable to fish for whatever reason throughout the winter months ahead, we shall continue to run fish Friday and order from the larger Brighton Boats.

Please do continue to support Chantelle and Pete from Fresh From The Boat – we need our local fishermen more than ever. They work tirelessly in ridiculous weather, supplying fantastic fish and if we lose our small inshore boats, we will have to rely on getting our fish via the middle man of the markets and supermarkets – it won’t be as fresh or as good value.

Sorry for the confusion of the different days, but it will settle down after this week.