Get a spooky Halloween Cheeseboard this half term, with the completely black Charcoal Cheddar and the pumpkin orange Harlech cheese.  There is something slightly unnatural about eating black food, whether it’s squid ink pasta or black pudding, but the novelty of seeing black food will give your guests a surprise, and keep the kids entertained.

Despite appearances, the Charcoal cheese is a smooth, delicious mature cheddar and adds a brilliant contrast to any cheese board.

While looking like black pudding, the cheese has been selling extremely well since we put it out to taste. It is the first and only all-black charcoal cheddar cheese which is made with mature cheddar and blended with activated charcoal and comes from Yorkshire-based cheese producers Michael Lee Fine Cheeses – inspired by the coal mines.

The Char Coal Cheddar Cheese comes in 1kg blocks that we can slice for you, or in 200g rounds that make excellent gifts. We will have it available for tasting this Halloween weekend, so come on by and try it out.

The Harlech Cheese is covered in bright orange wax and looks like a pumpkin. It’s a mature, creamy semi-soft cheddar speckled with fresh horseradish. Tangy and zesty with a nice edge of heat that tingles on the tongue, this has been the week’s best seller by miles. Harlech takes its name from the Welsh Warriors of the middle ages and is one of the new crop of delicious cheeses coming out of Wales.  The horseradish in Harlech makes it the perfect partner for beef – crumbled over one of our own 30 day dry aged sirloin steaks, perfect with a glass of red wine.

We have two other orange cheeses that go with the pumpkin orange theme: Westcombe red and the blue veined Shropshire Blue.  They are both excellent cheeses that can warm you on these autumn nights.