While we pride ourselves on great local produce, there are some things that we have to source from further afield. However, using the same principles, we have discovered some lovely Italian pasta that has come straight from small family producers based in Puglia.

The pasta looks incredible and tastes as proper pasta should, expanding into a rich, succulent base for your sauces.

However, the most exciting part is the Gluten Free pastas We are thrilled to be able to introduce our line of gluten free, which has to be tried to be believed. The pasta is completely natural made with only 3 ingredients, cornflour, rice flour and water. No additional additives means that the pasta is perfect for those following a Gluten Free Diet.

Years of research and taste testing have been put into the development of this pasta which is produced using traditional techniques. Our gluten free pasta is also slow dried and bronze drawn meaning that the pasta will not breakup during cooking and the taste is exactly the same as high quality bronze drawn durum wheat pasta.

So unlike other gluten free pastas there is no need to sacrifice taste and quality while following a gluten free diet.