All About Tea is the UK’s leading importers, packers and blenders of Specialty Teas.  They are based in Portsmouth and blend teas to suit your local water, as well as offer a huge range of specialty teas.  Hence Emsworth Tea has been created specifically to work with our hard water that has been naturally filtered through the chalk of the South Downs. Hard water requires a tea with lots of strength, flavour and richness – such as a good quality Assam.

They supply tea both loose and in tea bags, and while loose tea is recommended, the convenience of tea bags is a major factor, even though the bags restrict some of the flavour.

What I love about All About Tea, run by Andrew Gadsden and the team, is that they take their tea seriously.  It’s a product that harks back to a time when everything would stop while you would all sit down and enjoy a cup of tea.  Since then, mass production and ubiquitous brands have taken the pleasure, variety and skill away from the cuppa.

Check out some of Andrew’s videos on their website which show you how to make the best cup of tea (no milk with the teabags here please!) as well as let you know about the origin, health benefits and plenty of other information.

It’s also worth checking out the sheer variety of teas on offer, with 170 loose-leaf teas and 76 teabag varieties, from herb and spice teas like Nettle and Yerbe Mate, to single origin teas such as China Pi Luo Chun Black and Kenya Millima.  You can find teas to wake you up, send you to sleep or help with various aches and pains.

We get a delivery every week or so to the farm shop, so if you have a particular tea that you would like to get, then we can add it to our order.  You can go for a specialty tea or a classic such as Lapsang Souchong in either bags or loose.  Why not visit them in person, and enjoy the sheer luxury of Tea Time at The Portsmouth Tea Rooms.