We have introduced British Cassis to our shelves this week – it looks and tastes superb, made from British Blackcurrants with a clean, rich fruity taste.  It is very different from the French crème de cassis which is a sugary syrup that is cloying and sweet, and as a result your get a delicious, clean taste with your Kir Royale or any number of cocktails.

You can drink British Cassis straight – on the rocks (I can thoroughly recommend it) or with some lovely English sparkling.  If you are feeling more adventurous, try any number of these cocktails with the El Diablo taking my fancy. The colour is truly spectacular and lends itself to a pretty dramatic drink.

Cassis comes from British Blackcurrants that have ben grown on the same farm in Herefordshire for over 140 years.  The cassis is made in a similar manner to wine, the fruit is picked and allowed to naturally ferment with the help of champagne yeast before being blended with a little vodka.  Sugar is then added to help bring out the flavour and reduce the tartness of this dark berry.