Chantelle is expecting the following – please email her directly if you would like any fish pre-ordered:

West Ashling Trout
Fresh Prawns
Dressed Crabs,

Meanwhile, here is more information on Fresh From the Boat and the business that you are supporting when you buy their fish…

As for the West Ashling Trout, it’s a superb local product.

‘Northbrook Fish farm has been in business for 35 years and produces great tasting trout from our own broodstock. This means we do not buy in fish. All our trout are home bred and as a result, we have complete control over their health and well – being. We have no reason to use anti biotics or vaccines to keep our fish healthy as they are reared in crystal clear spring water with no disease or health problems that require the use of conventional medication.
We believe that our trout are some of the best you will ever taste with no ‘muddy flavour’ that can often be associated with trout reared in discoloured water.’