We have a new fish supplier at the farm shop, with lovely fish coming from The Fresh Fish Shop in Haywards Heath.  They will be setting up a fish counter in the next week or so and I will keep you up to date on how that progresses.

In the meantime, they are supplying fresh fish that has been packed in individual fillets and the quality is excellent.  I had some of their Loch Duart Salmon yesterday and it was truly superb, along with Sea Beat, fresh herbs and lemon juice.  You will find a selection of pre-packed fillets in our fridge, priced up and ready to go, including cod, hake, plaice and tuna steaks, with a wider selection going forward.

Sadly we simply did not have enough interest to make it worthwhile for Chantelle and Pete at Fresh From the Boat.  We supported them from the very beginning and I’m surprised that we were not able to generate more interest with the new shop.  However, you can still contact them directly and Chantelle will be able to drop off fish to the farm shop if needed.

We look forward to offering a wide variety of fresh fish in the future and I will keep you posted on any developments.