British Rose Veal

We are now stocking a regular supply of British Rose Veal.  There are a number of reasons for this: The first being that veal is a delicacy, hugely popular on the continent with specialities such as the Italian dishes Ossobuco (from Milan) or Saltimbocca (from Rome), or the Austrian Wiener schnitzel.  The second reason is that we should be eating British Rose Veal.

Why? Rose veal is a high-welfare by-product of the dairy industry.  Male calves are surplus to requirements.  They are suckled by their mothers, eat natural food and live outdoors till the age of 6 months.  The alternative is that they are killed at birth and put into landfill, or taken to the continent where the welfare standards are not as strict as the UK.

It is called rose veal because the colour is darker than the white meat of the old fashioned continental veal.  That’s because of its natural diet.  In the old days, veal was fed only on milk, with no fodder, grass or iron to ensure the meat stayed pale.  They were raised in restricted pens to keep the meat as tender as possible.  Thankfully those days are over, and you can enjoy British Rose Veal knowing that this is a sustainable, high welfare option that also happens to be delicious.

There are a choice of cuts available, from fillet, loin, rump and ossobuco.  You can order with the butcher, or pre-order via email.