This week we have some delicious saltmarsh lamb available in the butchery, renowned for it’s outstanding flavour, as well as being responsible for coastal conservation.  Our Saltmarsh lamb is currently from the Humber Estuary where it plays a vital role in maintaining the unique biodiversity of the saltmarsh.  The grazing sheep keep the grasses and reeds at bay, and allow for specific inter-tidal mudflat and sandflat plants to flourish.  As a result this provides a specialized habit for wildlife, with the Humber being one of the 10 most important estuaries in Europe for birds, in particular:

  • Marsh Harrier
  • Avocet
  • Little Tern
  • Bittern
  • Hen Harrier
  • Golden Plover
  • Bar-tailed Godwit

The saltmarsh lamb is delicious, with the salty diet of uncultivated, wild estuarine plants such as samphire and sea purslane providing a unique taste that is prized by chefs.

You can either buy individual cuts from our butcher, or take advantage of this seasonal special with a half or full box of lamb that contains all the cuts, vacuum packed ready for the freezer.  A half box costs £90 and a full box costs £165.  Contact me if you would like to order a box and we can arrange a good time to pick it up.