We have some outstanding new seafood meals in the freezer at the moment.  They are delicious, made in West Sussex from sustainable fish stocks and come in compostable packaging.

We currently have the following available:

Salmon Wellington – £5.99 –  a succulent and delicious top quality Scottish Farmed Salmon in a Crisp and Light Puff Pastry, filled with Creamy Dill sauce with Broccoli.

Wild Red Prawns – £5.49–  Sustainable, WILD & RAW Red Prawn with an exquisite lobster taste like sweet meat, Coated in a light crisp & crunch Japanese Style Panko crumb.

Cod Florentine – £5.49  – Pockets of Crisp and Light Puff Pastry filled with fresh and sustainable Cod in a mellow Four Cheese and Spinach Sauce.

Lobster Thermidore – £7.75  –  Prime cuts of lobster and wild jumbo prawns on a seasonal vegetable mirepoix with a thermidore sauce and a dash of brandy.

While I haven’t tasted them all, the ones we did get to taste were fantastic and each one provides a decent helping for two people.  I would highly recommend trying them out.  They are available from next to the Ice Cream freezer in the shop. They are extremely easy to cook, a great, seafood ready meal.