In celebration of Burns Night on Friday 25th January we will have a range of freshly made Haggis, 3 superb Scottish Cheeses and of course plenty of Neeps and Tatties available in the shop.

Our haggis have been raised to the highest welfare standards, roaming free across the Highlands of Scotland on a unique diet.  They were humanely trapped and have been prepared by our butchers according to the traditions of the great night of poetry and whisky drinking.  Available in 1 and 2LB sizes from £4.95, these are excellent quality.  If you would like Haggis for Burns Night, please pre-order to avoid disappointment.

We will also have the following guest cheeses from Scotland:

Anster is a hand-made cheese made using unpasteurized milk sourced from the Holstein Friesian cows. It is produced using traditional methods by Jane Stewart at St. Andrews Farmhouse Cheese Co. in Fife, Scotland, UK. This dry, crumbly textured cheese with milky and fresh flavour is matured for 8 weeks.

Caboc: Said to be Scotland’s ‘oldest cheese, Caboc is a rich double cream cheese, which is allowed to age naturally without the addition of rennet. The cheese is shaped into small logs and rolled in toasted pinhead oatmeal. It is pale primrose yellow with a very buttery and smooth texture. The texture is slightly thicker than clotted cream, comparable to cream cheeses such as a mascarpone. Caboc has a mild, sour tang with all the all buttery creaminess and a nutty, chewy edge. 110g

Blue Murder: Previously named after a New Order song, Blue Monday cheese is now Blue Murder cheese. Made in Tain by the Highland Cheese company for ex-Blur bass player Alex James and British food champion Juliet Harbut, both cheese experts, this is a bold, strongly flavoured cheese made with cows milk from the Highlands.