We have a special price for leg of lamb this week – £11.99/kg compared with the usual £18/kg. (Waitrose are selling NZ leg of lamb for £18.99/kg)  The lamb look fantastic and it’s a great time of year, as the flavour has really developed over the winter.  We have a couple of serving suggestions for you: Wild Garlic for the foragers amongst you can be buzzed up into a delcious pesto or salsa verde, or the Garlic Farm do a scrummy Mint Mayonnaise that will be available to taste from the butchery counter on Friday and Saturday.  At this price, we are expecting a lot of interest, so you can pre-order here and Lee can cut it to the size you like)

There are a number of ways to enjoy leg of lamb – the classic roast with garlic and rosemary – cooked perfectly pink with mint sauce or a fruit jelly, and roast potatoes or butterflied and marinated with rose harissa, with couscous and roasted vegetables.  If you would like your leg of lamb butterflied or boned and rolled, or even cut into steaks, contact us and we will have Lee, the butcher, prepare it for you to pick up.

You can also slow cook your leg of lamb, so that you can pull the meat off the bone with a couple of forks.  You can put the lamb in a roasting tin along with beef or lamb stock and cover with foil, cooking for 5 hours at 170C/335F (standard) or 150C/300F (fan/convection).  The result is melt in the mouth lamb and a delicious stock that can be reduce down for gravy.  Make sure to add plenty of garlic and veg to the bottom of the pan.