We are all lined up for the Bank Holiday weekend with T-Bone Steaks, sausages, kebabs, koftas and every cut of beef, pork and lamb you could think of.  We have BBQ packs of burgers and bangers, with Lee ready to help with any request.  However, if you want to create a serious impact around the BBQ, then a t-bone steak is a statement of delicious intent.  Not only do you get the combination of two different steaks cooked on the bone, but it’s the finest bit of beef.  It has been properly aged and will be tender and full of flavour, ideal for the BBQ.

Next week Lee is taking a well-deserved holiday.  We will be running the butchery counter with the usual opening hours, but if you wanted a particular cut or order for next week, it would help hugely if you gave us a bit of advanced notice.  That way we can be ready with your joint when you walk in the door.