Gavin is cooking brunch from 9am – 12 noon over flames this weekend, using our OFYR with flames from seasoned ash providing a delicious smoky flavour. The flames cook food directly, or can heat up the metal plate so that you can use it as a giant griddle. We are using the OFYR to cook the majority of our breakfasts, so come and see it in action and taste the results.


The Farm shop breakfast 9-12

Poached eggs with Stansted sausage, Sandridge streaky bacon & potato hash £8.50
Poached eggs with asparagus, Isle of wight tomatoes hollandaise & potato hash £8.50
Sussex charmer on toast £6.50 Bacon sandwich £6.50
Any deli item & potato hash £7  


The usual pizzas and salads will be available from 12 noon until 3pm.  If you’d like to book a table, get in touch.