Duck, Pork and Gourmet Beef Burgers

The warmer weather lures me into the garden, where a simple grill is needed to make the perfect burger, giving you the chance to enjoy the al fresco cooking.  We have Creedy Carver duck burgers that are sensationally good, and Sarah is making our gourmet burgers with prime dry-aged local … Read More

Asado Grill from Somerset Grills

We have a new toy in the farm shop courtyard, a spectacular, beautifully designed and robust Asado Grill handmade in Cricket St Thomas by the Somerset Grill company. The  Asado Gunmetal Grill provides you with an easy wood-fired Argentinian cooking experience, using wood to create embers and the height-adjustable grill … Read More

Bank Holiday Steaks

Lee has been preparing steaks for the bank holiday weekend. Our steaks are getting fantastic feedback at the moment, and deservedly so.  The main reason why each steak has so much flavour and tenderness is that they are being aged on the bone from whole carcass.  This means that we … Read More

Bistecca alla fiorentina

I replicated one of my most memorable meals at home last week over charcoal, a Bistecca alla fiorentina served rare.  I remember clearly the day I had this in Florence, before a friend’s wedding, and I was thrilled that I was able to do this legendary dish at home. This … Read More

Short Rib Burgers

I absolutely love the meat from Short Ribs, with the perfect combination of the most flavourful beef, fat and texture.  Short Ribs can be slow-cooked on the bone with a punchy rub, until the meat is juicy, succulent and tender.  They make a dramatic burger when you place a rib … Read More

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Menu Inspiration

We have put together a seasonal menu fit for this mighty Royal occasion: The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. There are a range of options to inspire you as you celebrate with friends and family over the extended weekend.  With sunshine and half term, it’s the perfect time to celebrate the best … Read More

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