While we love to champion our fantastic local produce, occasionally there are products that have to come from further afield because they are so good and simply can’t be replicated.  Burrata Cheese is one of those – a delicate ball of contrasting textures and flavours that is a culinary experience all of it’s own.  This is an artisan Italian cheese from the milk of buffalo that grazes on the lush pastures of Apulia, bordering the Adriatic.  With an outer shell similar to the finest mozzarella, but with a creamy, thick liquid centre, it is rich, indulgent and incredibly delicious.

You can combine it with a selection of the finest heritage tomatoes from the Isle of Wight and some seriously good olive oil, a few basil leaves and seasoning.  Then sit in the sunshine with a glass of white wine, close your eyes and enjoy.  It really won’t get any better than that.