One of our customers has been heavily involved in the campaign to ‘Help our Kelp’ and has produced a fantastic short film (narrated by none other than my childhood/adulthood hero, Sir David Attenborough) highlighting the many reasons why we should bring back kelp to the South Coast.

You can view the video here and sign up to show your support.  It takes a few minutes, and every bit of support helps.

With all the news, data and information pouring in about the climate crisis, and species extinction, we are all suddenly aware of the enormous scale of the problems we face.  However, the solutions are not so clear cut.  However, Help our Kelp is one simple way to bring back a diverse ecosystem to our coastline, providing shelter, spawning grounds and food for countless fish and shellfish.  At the same time, the kelp acts as a carbon capture, storing 20x more carbon than the equivalent land-based forest.

So, support this fantastic local initiative and sign up to show your support here.