We have been ageing some very special beef in the butchery over the last couple of weeks: Belted Galloway from East Marden.  Lee has prepared some beef boxes with a selection of mince, shin, diced and chuck steaks ideal for the autumn, with 4kg for £39.  The hindquarter steaks need to age for a little longer but will be available next week.  Please let us know if you are interested in a box of mixed cuts and Lee can prepare that for you.

We will be selling beef boxes in this instance in order to split the fore shoulder and hindquarter cuts evenly.  If you want to enjoy really local beef from neighbouring farms, it’s important to eat a range of cuts instead of simply the finest steaks.  We are offering beef boxes at a 10% discount, and Lee can package each cut as you would like (for 2 people, 4 or whatever).  Please just let us know either via email, or at the butchery counter and we can have it ready for you whenever you pop in.

Beef from Belted Galloways is low in saturated fat and well-marbled, making for excellent meat-eating quality. Marbling, the presence of thin threads of fat throughout the meat, greatly enhances flavour and tenderness. Their conversion of grass to muscle is also considered excellent, as they require the least amount of feed per kilogram of weight gain compared to most other breeds.

Belted Galloway Beef Boxes are available from £30