We have fresh Padron Peppers from the Isle of Wight alongside their lovely tomatoes.  This time of year is known as the hungry gap in the UK, as winter crops finish, while the summer season is still far away, so any local greenery needs to be cherished and enjoyed.

Padron Peppers are sweet peppers that have the occasional fiery one in the mix. They are incredibly simple to cook – fry in a medium-hot pan with sea salt for 5 minutes, shaking regularly until they are blistered and soft, and you’re ready to go. You can have a tapas-themed evening with chorizo (again, fantastic lightly fried), our local Manchego cheese equivalent called Ewe Eat Me and habas fritas (or go with Hodmedod’s British grown Fava Beans).  That way you can go for a Spanish theme with local produce.