It’s time to sing the praises of our blue cheeses, with an incredible selection of local, national and European blues on offer this weekend.  Our locals include the mighty, award-winning Isle of Wight Blue, but is joined by another local newcomer, Blue Clouds from Balcombe in West Sussex, a rich, creamy Gorgonzola-inspired cheese. Pevensey Blue is from East Sussex, is slightly firmer in texture, but still a treat. Head north to the Hampshire/Berkshire border for the ammonite-shaped, creamy Barkham Blue made with Jersey cow’s milk for a buttery cheese with a peppery, blue-veined tang.

We have a new cheese to add to these regulars: Harbourne Blue is a firm, blue goat’s milk cheese that is light and delicate with a crumbly texture. Made by Ticklemore Cheese in Devon, it is award-winning and should be with us by Thursday afternoon.

Other British Blues include Shropshire Blue and Cropwell Bishop – classic Stiltons that have flown the British cheese flag for years.

And, we do have a couple of European classics, an incredibly unctuous, indulgent Italian Gorgonzola and the delightful Cashel Blue from the lush green pastures of Beechmount, in Co. Tipperary, Ireland.

So, come and join us in singing the praises of these blues this weekend.