Heckfield is a semi-hard washed rind Guernsey cow’s milk cheese made with vegetarian rennet. It’s matured for 8-9 months and is named after Heckfield Park Farm where the milk is produced, down the road from cheesemakers Village Maid Cheese.

Heckfield displays a rich umami flavour with savoury notes of Marmite and a buttery texture that melts in the mouth. It is naturally golden from the carotene present in Guernsey milk and has a pungent orange rind due to its high moisture content.

400 acres of secluded Hampshire landscape are where the pedigree herd of 30 Guernsey cows at the farm graze on the herbal ley pastures of the river meadows, hilltops and valleys surrounding the farm. The herbal ley consists of ryegrass, fescue, red clover, white clover, chicory, plantain, cocksfoot and sainfoin to create a wholesome feed for both grazing and silage making for the winter months.

Village Maid Cheese also produce Waterloo and Wigmore Cheeses alongside Heckfield Cheese that you can often find in our cheese counter.