Burns Night is a chance to gather friends for a good supper and celebrate Robert Burns. We will be stocking haggis and a fine selection of Scottish Cheese.  Please make sure to pre-order cheese or haggis to make sure we have enough available.

BLUE MURDER Ⓥ A Blue to die for!
Mould ripened and meaty with fine threads of blue running through the creamy, white paste, so satisfyingly sweet and velvety that a mouthful can even take non-Blue cheese lovers to heaven!  Easy to enjoy with savoury or sweet, easy to cook with.

CABOC Ⓥ  A Chieftain’s Cheese with a warning
Washed rind, high butterfat content and rolled in pinhead oatmeal, Caboc has medieval Highland roots in the ‘chieftain’s cheese’ created by Mariota de Ile who took the thick cream from the milk and matured it in barrels, instead of churning it into butter.
We don’t know whether the Chieftain died in battle or from consuming too much Caboc, so this cheese comes with a warning: a little goes a long way!

Isle of Mull Cheddar
A dense, hearty cheddar made with unpasteurized milk from Friesian, Ayrshire or Jersey cows from Sgriob-ruadh farm on the Isle of Mull, and matured in their underground cellar.

Black Crowdie
Legend has it that Black Crowdie is the perfect cure for a whiskey hangover, but don’t quote me on that.  Made from skimmed milk, it’s the low-fat alternative to Caboc, rolled in pinhead oatmeal and crushed peppercorns which gives this soft cream cheese a bit of a kick.