We have a lovely range of new cheeses from the Bath Soft Cheese company on the counter this week.  These multi-award-winning cheeses are all made on the Padfield Family Farm, 50 yards from where their small herd of 160 mainly Holstein Friesian cows is milked.

They are grazed on organic, Somerset meadows so that means no fungicides, pesticides, or artificial fertilisers are used on their land. Instead, they use manure and organic compost: the environment, the land and the waterways remain uncontaminated. Their milk and cheese is produced in a way that protects the natural world and lets every farm animal feel the sun on its back.

They have won numerous prestigious awards, from World Champion to Supreme Champion and 3 Gold Stars at the Great Taste Awards.

Wyfe of Bath
Succulent, nutty and creamy. This semi-hard cheese is redolent of buttercups and summer meadows.

Wyfe of Bath Extra Mature
Matured for over 12 months the extra mature is slightly harder that its younger self but still has the recognisable succulent, nutty and creamy taste along with an extra strong tang that comes with maturing it longer. It is made with vegetarian rennet.

Merry Wyfe
An award-winning washed-rind cheese made with our Wyfe of Bath curds which are pressed and then washed in cider every other day for four weeks (hence the name ‘Merry’ Wyfe!). The cider is made here by Graham Padfield from organic apples harvested on the farm.

Bath Soft
This square cheese is soft and yielding with a white bloomy rind.
Once cut into, it reveals an ivory-coloured interior. The flavour is mushroomy and creamy with a hint of lemons. It comes wrapped in parchment paper with a red wax seal.