These drinks and shots are designed to keep you healthy and happy, using the finest ingredients, crafted together for a specific purpose. The different drinks are perfect if you need to unwind, before a meeting, if you need to focus, before a workout, after a workout, after a heavy night out, first thing in the morning to give you a boost…

Ginger, CBD, Turmeric Sparkling Can
Our refreshing Refresh + Relax CBD sparkling water can is here to give you back your balance and kickstart your immune system with throat-soothing ginger and anti-inflammatory turmeric. This golden ginger botanical water can is fiery and smooth. Most fizzy drinks have hidden calories and high sugar content, but not us. We’ve practically invented healthy fizzy drinks! Drink our sophisticated can when feeling run down with cold or daily to stay energised and positive.

Ginger, CBD, Turmeric Health Shot
Our Light CBD Tonic Water is totally guilt free. It is both low calorie and low sugar, making it the perfect healthier pairing with your favourite premium spirit, or the obvious choice if you’re looking for a sophisticated soft drink. Created with all natural ingredients including natural quinine. Each bottle contains 10mg of CBD too! So pour over lots of ice, sit back, de-stress and get your balance back.

ACV, Milk Thistle, Charcoal
Our Detox + Defend super shot is here to renew your digestive system with cleansing activated charcoal, gut-friendly apple cider vinegar and detoxifying milk thistle.

Rosemary, Dragon, Amino Acid
Our Mind + Mood shot drink is here to improve cognition. Raise your mood with mind-clearing dragon fruit and memory-strengthening rosemary while the scent of carvacrol from the thyme boosts positivity.

Matcha, Moringa, Ginseng
Our Propel + Protect shot gives you energy boosting natural ingredients like green coffee beans, matcha and ginseng to see you through the day.

Verba Mate, Matcha, Green Coffee
Our rejuvenating Fuel + Focus sparkling water drink is perfect for taking your power back. With a herbal ‘green tea’ flavour that is softly sweet and slightly savoury, this botanical water can is infused with green coffee beans, matcha and yerba mate so you can enjoy a boost of natural caffeine without the jitters.