We look forward to introducing you to Jo from Marzilicious at our Farm Shop Party.

Marzilicious was born out of a passion for two things: creating pretty stuff and deliciously squidgy marzipan.

The concept behind Marzilicious is food meets art; we create beautiful little sweet-treats that are not only pretty as a picture but are also deliciously squidgy and tasty.

We knew right at the beginning that we needed to make our own marzipan, just decorating a commercial product was not going to cut the mustard. So, after a lot of taste testing and a fair bit of trial and error in our Southsea kitchen, we came up with our own recipe which contains a whopping 49% almonds (as opposed to the standard 24%) and has a wonderfully squidgy texture.  It is also completely vegan and makes a great alternative to chocolate.

All our little marzipan creations are hand-formed and painted so that each one has a unique finish. Every little peach has a different blush, every carrot a different texture creating little edible works of art.

We sell combinations of fruits and vegetables in gift boxes, making an ideal gift for birthdays, or special occasions such as Mother’s Day, but we can also create bespoke orders for weddings, birthday celebrations or even corporate events. We were recently commissioned by Hampshire Fare to create miniature marzipans for their Sausage & Pie Competition Awards Ceremony. The final displays consisted of teeny-tiny pork pies, pasties, meat pies, a Cumberland sausage (skewered of course) and a cut open scotch egg!

If you have an event coming up and you want something a little different to give to your guests or serve at the end of a meal with coffee, then give us a shout and let’s talk marzipan!