There’s a beautiful new display of wooden bowls hand-turned by Adam Lafosse using specially selected timber from the forest of Stansted Park.  With a range of sizes and wood types (ash, beech, ash burr and walnut), you can choose a bowl with unique markings that have been grown, sourced, and made within a 5-mile radius of the shop.

These bowls are great as salad or fruit bowls, and look spectacular while telling the story of the life of a Stansted tree.

Adam tracks down and rescues interesting pieces of wood and turns them into beautiful bowls. The selected wood is rough-turned while still wet with sap, before being allowed to dry naturally. Some of the larger pieces will take up to 2 years to dry.  The wood can warp and distort during this process.

Once dried, Adam returns to the woodturning lathe to create the final form, before polishing and sealing the bowl.

Prices start from £22 and we have more than 50 bowls on display at the farm shop.