Tom has a selection of over 75 different cheeses to choose from this Christmas at our Cheese Counter, with a wonderful selection of local, national and international cheeses to keep the keenest addict happy.  We are very fortunate to be surrounded by superb cheese makers, many of which have won top awards.  With Hampshire and Sussex cheeses only, you still have a massive range and choice.

The blues are represented by the following locals:

  • Brighton Blue
  • Isle of Wight Blue
  • Barkham Blue
  • Blue Clouds

with UK blues being headed up by the Stiltons: Cropwell Bishop and Colston Bassett.  We will also have the incredible Stichelton, arriving this weekend, a soft, creamy raw milk cheese that has a huge range of flavours and textures in each truckle, due to the ageing process and the blue veining.  Shropshire Blue has the colour of a Cheshire cheese, and the flavour of a Stilton.  Most of these stilton cheeses come in 8kg truckles, matured to bring a stunning depth of flavour to each slice.

From Ireland we have Cashel Blue and Grand Noir from Germany.

We have traditional cloth-bound cheddars from Montgomery, Quickes and Westcombe, with Sussex Charmer as a local representative.  The harder cheeses such as Cornish Kern, Old Winchester and Cornish Gouda add a nutty, crumbly texture to your cheese board.

We have some luxurious soft cheeses, headed up by the truffled Baron Bigod, while locally made Tunworth, Rollright, Burwash and Isle of Wight Soft will all give you scoops of joy.

The Goats and Ewe’s milk cheeses add a different taste to your board, with Golden Cross and Ticklemore Goat, Harbourne Blue, Ewes Eat Me and the award-winning Seven Sisters giving you a great choice.

There are loads of other cheeses I haven’t mentioned, but this gives you a taste of the variety available.  Some of the artisan cheesemakers can only make a limited amount, so these cheeses will sell out.  I highly recommend putting an order in or coming to visit us before the 19th of December to ensure you get what you want.   Don’t forget your cheese biscuits, medlar jelly and maybe even a charcuterie board to present them on.