We work on finding food and drink brands that are not just delicious, but which also play their part in ensuring sustainable practices so that you can make informed decisions on the food you buy from us.

One of these brands is Fish4Ever, which we originally stocked in our old farm shop, but haven’t been able to source for a while.  We are bringing them back into the shop, with cans of yellowfin tuna and mackerel fillets in sunflower oil in stock today.  They have a wider range and we’ll be bringing those in over the next couple of months, as this is a product that is fully traceable back to the boat, fished using low-impact, targeted methods that avoid illegal fishing, catching juvenile fish, or endangered species, and without damaging the ocean floor. They source the highest quality fish in season, supporting small family boats and packers, using the highest fairtrade principles.

So you can eat Fish4Ever products in the understanding that they are supporting sustainable, artisan fisheries.  The fish is also great for your health, with canned fish being a particularly convenient way of boosting your weekly dose of nutrient-rich, small, oily fish, rich in omega 3.

They also have a great recipe resource, so you can get creative with your canned beauties, with mackerel salads and dips, tuna sauces and pastas and lots of other inspiring ideas.

Cans of mackerel fillets are £2.65, while the tuna are £3.99.