Simon has been cooking wood-fired pizza every weekend and has just tried out a new pizza oven, the Cozze Gas Pizza oven that is a quick, easy and fun way to cook pizza in your garden, on your patio, terrace or balcony.

With a wide opening and baking stone, the oven is easy to operate and provides ample space for large pizzas up to 34cm. The oven is ready for use about 20 minutes after lighting, so you can quickly bake delicious pizzas for large parties, friends and family.

The oven is both easy and safe to use, with a heat control located within easy reach on the side. You are always in control as your pizza bakes and the cordierite pizza stone ensures that you get a wonderfully crisp base to your pizza.

  • Easy temperature control, for pizzas cooked to perfection.
  • Regulator not included.
  • Pizza stone included.
  • Pre-heats in just 20 minutes, ready for you to bake your own pizza in just 2 minutes!

There are two sizes available, the 13″ is £236.95 while the larger 17″ is £379.95 which is superb value for the size of the cooking surface.

Simon produced some wonderful garlic bread for lunch, demonstrating a well-balanced heat distribution resulting in the perfect crust.