We are building up a lovely collection of Asian-inspired sauces which can be added to local, seasonal ingredients to give you a sensationally new taste and food experience.

It’s time to think beyond the usual condiments and spice up your dishes with some Korean or Japanese flavours that will get the synapses firing.

Why not try Chimac’s Sriracha Caramel Sauce: Some call it life’s sweetest kiss – we call it Sriracha Caramel. Chimac’s Sriracha Caramel marries sweet caramel, fresh garlic and spicy Sriracha to create a perfectly balanced elixir. This fragrant, sticky syrup is that special something you’ve been looking for.  Great with veg, pork and chicken, but if you really want to shake things up, then put it on your vanilla ice cream with local strawberries.

From the same brand, we have  Chimac’s Korean Hot Sauce  A not-too-hot sauce that’ll ignite your wildest dreams. Chimac’s Korean Hot Sauce is made with gochujang, vinegar, spices and a whole lot of love. The result is an unmistakably tangy, funky flavour with just the right amount of heat. It’s ideal for marinating meats, or added to rice or Asian stir-fried veg.

They join our Tonkotso Extra Hot Japanese chilli oil and White Mausu’s Peanut Rayu: made from peanuts, sesame, honey, crispy garlic, Korean chilli flakes, salt, tamari, sunflower oil, it’s so fricken tasty, you have to try it.