There’s something very therapeutic about walking through the woods, shaded with a cool breeze, away from the heat of this weather.  There are lots of magical walks around Stansted, with the grass high and green, the trees offering dappled shade, and butterflies and dragonflies flitting around.

Keep an eye out for speckled wood butterflies, you can spot the male of the species flying or perching in a spot of sunlight that pierces through the forest canopy.  They are territorial and will stay in that spot, following the sun throughout the day before heading high up into the canopy at night to roost.

Orchids are also in bloom, alongside foxgloves, that burst out in clearings or where trees have been felled.  In some of the places where lots of ash have been cut down, you can see hundreds of foxgloves coming through, their dormant seeds finally presented with the perfect conditions to germinate.

Make sure to grab a picnic, or finish up with a pizza and a cold drink in the courtyard.