Winter Walks at Stansted

Finally some sunshine after the unrelenting rain, and I’ll take the cold over the wet any day.  The blue skies, low sunshine, and perfect visibility make for some glorious walks through the woods of Stansted at this time of year.  You are also more likely to see deer and bird … Read More

Stansted Wildlife

There’s something very therapeutic about walking through the woods, shaded with a cool breeze, away from the heat of this weather.  There are lots of magical walks around Stansted, with the grass high and green, the trees offering dappled shade, and butterflies and dragonflies flitting around. Keep an eye out … Read More

Stansted Summer Festival

The Stansted Summer Festival is back again this year, with the perfect combination of entertainment, food and Country House living.  We will be running a Producer’s Market at the farm shop courtyard, and you can tour the house and grounds and enjoy the Napoleonic reenactors as they demonstrate Cavalry charges … Read More

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