Baron Bigod are celebrating their 10th Birthday by giving you the chance to win lots of lovely Cheesy prizes.  To enter, you can buy one of their small bries this Saturday from the Farm Shop, as the details are on the back of the cheese box.

It’s a big milestone for this superb cheesemaker based at Fen Farm Dairy which is such a wonderful cheese and now has a global following of top chefs and cheese lovers.  The reason why it’s such a good cheese?  This dedicated team is based on a family farm in Suffolk with a herd of Montbeliarde from the Jara, known for their ideal cheesemaking milk. The control over the herd, their diet, welfare and health ensures great quality milk that then goes directly into the cheesemaking process on the farm.

Each small batch is taken warm and introduced to the mould cultures. The artisan cheesemaking process begins, before the mould-ripened cheeses are aged for up 8 weeks. The end result of this delicate, hand-produced process is a cheese with a smooth, oozing citrussy centre enveloped in a nutty, mushroomy rind.

Baron Bigon is one of the few farmhouse cheeses left, (cheese made exclusively from their own herd’s milk) and you can savour this with every beautifully soft, delicious mouthful.